The Dragon will die [Sicilian Defense]

Have you played dragon in the Sicilian Defense. It was very sharp opening considered in past but now days chess players has a treatment for Dragon. Now lets dive into in chess history and see what happen to dragon variation.

karpov pic

In around 1880 the dragon was frequently used by Henry Edward Bird and when used by Herry Nilson Pilsbury and other masters in 1900 it gained popularity.

Things changes when Karpov’s new idea came  into  Yugoslav opening when he crushed Victor Korchnoi in 1974 candidate match. Here is the match below when Karpov crushed Victor Korchnoi.

Game Karpov vs Korchnoi


After this Victor Korchnoi left the dragon variation and switched to French Defense.  And in the last lets watch another crushing game against dragon variation.


Game Grafl vs Farago

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