Ding Liren [Biography and Best Games]

Liren’s Biography

Ding Liren is Chinese Grandmaster who is dominating chess world right now.  Lets have a look at Liren’s best chess games, and review of his opening. Liren was undefeated in classical chess from Agust 2017 to December 2018. He won 29 games and draw 71 games. He broke the record of Mikhail Tal who was unbeatable for 95 games in a row.

Liren’s Stats


liren stats

liren stats

Liren’s Best Games

Game Ding, Liren vs Adams, Michael

Game Ding, Liren vs Aronian, Levon


Game Inarkiev, Ernesto vs Ding, Liren

Ding Liren’s Game of the Year

 (Please Flip the board to black side for better view)

Game Bai, Jinshi vs Ding, Liren


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