Closed Sicilian Plans / Ideas

Closed Sicilian Plans / Ideas

If you want to play with 2Nf3 and d4, then you must learn lot of theory in order to play correctly so that’s why people who want to play simple chess they play closed Sicilian with move order 2 nc3 or 2 c3. So lets start to learn some of strategic and positional ideas and plan in closed Sicilian.

closed sicilian, grand prix

What is white’s strategy in closed Sicilian ?

First of all white declined d2-d4. Now white’s main plan is attack on king side. White ‘s main setup is like Nc3 d3, g3 fiancheto white’s bishop and play f2-f4 and later g4 h4 advancing pawns to create attack on kingside.  This is the main setup of closed Sicilian. Check out Example game at the end.

What is Black’s strategy in closed Sicilian?

Black has two choices whether to counter attack with f5 to stop pawn advancing or remain with the classic style playing on queen side. basically its a race who gets first if black gets first or white.

Tactics and strategy in closed Sicilian?

There are no such tactics in the opening, both side develops their pieces. The key to win for both side is strategy who implement better and faster.

Grand Prix Attack

Closed Sicilian is very closed to grand prix attack. In grand prix white starts after nc3 with direct f2-f4. And the main thing in grand prix to develop white’s white bishop to b5 or c4. You must agree to the fact that if you are opponent is unprepared against grand prix he will be crushed quickly.

Example Games in Closed Sicilian


Game: Spassky vs Geller

Game: Hodgson vs Malisauskas

Black’s won games in closed Sicilian 

Note: Flip the board to black Side.

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