Middle Game Chess Strategies [Guide]

In chess you must know middle game, the chess middle game is one of the big secrets. You should know these middle game strategies in chess. 

Ok now after completing your opening task, you must know what to do next, we often see beginners rush to attack with pieces or pawn because they know one guideline which says, after the opening, you must attack. That’s right but as we grow we need to show some discipline. And you know discipline is the key to success in all fields. Let’s come to the topic. So you must make your plan according to your chess middle game strategy.

And yes I will explain all middle game strategies that you need to know in order to play competitive chess. So the first question should arise in your mind, how to play middle game in chess?

When you reach middle game, the very first thing you have to do is check your position, ask yourself what to do next? don’t ask about the next move but you should ask about the next plan, and if you master in planning skills then you can claim victory in the middle game without playing boring endgames.

Chess Middle Game

Now you should ask questions about these points.

  1. King Safety
  2. The center
  3. Pieces activity
  4. weak and strong squares ⇒ [ Weak Squares in Chess]
  5. Pawn structures

These are the point for analyzing your position. With these points, you will understand who will be better in the middle game.

Suggestions for chess middle game

Don’t play move by move, even bad plan is good than playing move by move.

One idea is to locate your pawns and play according to pawn. Like pawn chains. You should play according to your pawn structure. If you can master in pawn structures then you can play any position.


So there is no need to complicate the middle game, you just play according to your position, and if you can find a weakness or double your opponent’s pawn then you can have an advantage.  Here are some useful links, these articles related to the overall chess strategies.


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