Does Chess Make You Smarter? [Helpful Guide]

There are not many studies on this topic. There are few studies, In which you will see no evidence of your question” Does chess make you smarter?”. So the simple answer is, NO. But you will have some benefits of playing chess.

dose chess makes you smarter
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Studies on Chess 

There is one study which showed that playing chess will improve your logical thinking, memory and processing speed. Here is a reference:⇒ Research on Chess.


There is one another study by the Institute of Education, which conducted on 4000 British Children, but the result was totally against the notion that chess will make you smarter. The result of the investigation was  Chess has no effect on children’s study.


Here is the conclusion of the Report:

“1. There is no evidence that the intervention had a positive impact on mathematics attainment for
the children in the trial, as measured by Key Stage 2 scores one year after the intervention
ended. The same is true for science and reading.

2. There is no evidence that the intervention had a positive impact on Key Stage 2 scores for
children eligible for free school meals (FSM).

3. Although a current school teacher is allocated to every chess class, it is desirable for the tutors
themselves to have strong class management and teaching skills. Without these, it was difficult to
ensure that all children were suitably engaged in the chess lessons.

4. For successful implementation, class teachers need to work closely with the tutor and actively
contribute to the intervention. It was felt that classes were less effective if the teacher did not
actively take part, or was present only at the beginning and end of the class.

5. Half of the pupils who participated in the trial said that they liked the chess lessons a lot, and only
8% reported that they didn’t like them. School teachers were very positive about the intervention
and its impact on pupils’ skills and behaviour.”


For complete study here is the link: Reports, Chess in Schools.



The conclusion of this debatable question is that you become master if you train in that skill, And having mastered one skill can not make you smarter in the world.

Well if you are a chess player and you believed that chess made you smarter, I am afraid for this news. But here are some benefits of playing chess that you can acquire from playing chess.


12 Benefits of Chess

  1. Chess prevents Alzheimer 
  2. Chess can rais your IQ 
  3. Chess increases your creativity 
  4. Chess improves your memory. 
  5. Chess improves problem-solving skills 
  6. Chess improves reading skill
  7. Chess improves concertation
  8. Chess improves planings
  9. Chess exercises both sides of the brain.
  10. Chess improves Focus.
  11. Chess improves logical thinking.
  12. Chess improves imagination.


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