How to checkmate [32 Patterns]

You can not win a chess game if you can not checkmate. Here are 32 checkmates that every chess player must know. And if you are beginner I will suggest you, master these checkmates before learning anything about chess.

So let’s start.

First of all, we start from basics to advance level. So we will examine some examples of checkmate without enemy pieces, why we are starting without enemy pieces? because we need to clear our mind and focus on methods or positions that often occurs in our games.

There are almost 32 mating names. It’s not forced to remember all 32 names, but we should know the positions of these checkmates.

So let’s start, Please note that these are pictures and you don’t need to press play button :).


  1. Anastasia’s mate
Anastasia's mate
Anastasia’s mate

2. Anderssen’s mate

Anderssen's mate
Anderssen’s mate

3. Arabian mate

There are two reasons for naming Arabian mate. one is this checkmate found in old Arabic literature and second is that in the past a knight and rook was considered the most powerful piece in chess.

Arabian mate
Arabian mate

4. Back-rank mate

Back-rank mate
Back-rank mate

5. Bishop and knight mate


Bishop and knight mate
Bishop and knight mate

6. Blackburne’s mate

Blackburne's mate
Blackburne’s mate

7. Blind swine mate

This name attributed to Polish grandmaster named ” Dawid Janowski “. Janowski called doubled rook on opponent’s the 7th rank is” Swine”. This type of position also mentioned in Nimzowitch’s book called ” My System “. In his book, Nimzowitch called ” The 7th rank, absolute “.


Blind Swine mate
Blind Swine mate

8. Boden’s mate

Boden's mate
Boden’s mate

9. Box mate (Rook mate)

Box mate (Rook mate)
Box mate (Rook mate)

10. Corner mate

corner mate
corner mate


11. Cozio’s mate  or Dovetail mate

Cozio's mate or Dovetail mate
Cozio’s mate or Dovetail mate


12. Damiano’s bishop mate

Damiano's bishop mate
Damiano’s bishop mate


13. Damiano’s mate

Damiano's mate
Damiano’s mate

14. David and Goliath mate

David and Goliath mate

15. Double bishop mate

Double bishop mate
Double bishop mate


16. Epaulette mate

Epaulette mate
Epaulette mate

17. Greco’s mate

Greco's mate
Greco’s mate


18. Hook mate

Hook mate
Hook mate


19. Kill Box mate

Kill box mate
Kill box mate


20. King and two bishops mate

King and two bishops mate
King and two bishops mate


21. King and two knights mate

King and two knights mate
King and two knights mate

22. Legal mate

In legal mate two knights and one bishop deliver checkmate.

Legal mate
Legal mate


23. Lolli’s mate

Lolli's mate
Lolli’s mate

24. Max Lange’s mate

Max Lange's mate
Max Lange’s mate


25. Mayet’s mate

Mayet's mate
Mayet’s mate

26. Morphy’s mate

Morphy's mate
Morphy’s mate: 1.Rxg7+ Kh8 2.Rxf7+ Kg8 3.Rg7+ Kh8 4.Rg1+ Rf6 5.Bxf6#

27. Opera mate

Opera mate
Opera mate


28. Pillsbury’s mate

Pillsbury's mate
Pillsbury’s mate: 1.Rg1+ Kh8 2.Bg7+ Kg8 3.Bxf6#

29. Queen mate

Queen mate
Queen mate

30. Reti’s mate

Reti's mate
Reti’s mate

31. Smothered mate

Smothered mate
Smothered mate

32. Suffocation mate

Suffocation mate
Suffocation mate

33. Swallow’s tail mate

Swallow's tail mate
Swallow’s tail mate



These were the checkmates that every chess player must know and if you are a beginner then you must practise it at least for one time. These checkmates will often happen in a blitz game. So you have to prepare these checkmate and you should remember the patterns of these checkmate.

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