The Thornton Castling Trap [5 Exemplary Games]

The Thornton Castling Traps means when you castle with a check and your opponent’s rook is hanging. We often have a chance in our chess game to apply this trap but we forgot to think about it. All chess grandmasters know this castling trap and we should know about it.

Let’s see the Thornton castling trap in the practice of chess players.

Castling Trap Game 1


Castling Trap Game 2


Castling Trap Game 3

Flip the board to black side


Castling Trap Game 4

Flip to black side.


Castling Trap Game 5




This is very easy to remember once you saw all the exemplary chess games. This trick in castling often occurs in our game but we miss out. Now you know the stuff and I hope you will never miss this chance again.

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