Caruana [Biography and Chess Games]

Caruana’s Biography

His full name is ” Fabiano Luigi Caruana ” He became grandmaster at the age of 14 year old. The youngest grandmaster in the history of Italy and USA at the same time.

He won US championship (2016) and represented US in the Olympiad at board 1. He won team Gold and Bronze Individual.

Caruana was the only player from USA after Bobby Fischer who challenged to world chess champion. Caruana’s peak rating was 2844 in October 2014.

Caruana’s playing style

According to Wikipedia he stated his own style of play:

“I preferred to attack all the time and really loved sacrificing pieces to get at the enemy king. I played like that for quite a long time, but when I moved up it turned out that you can far from always win with a direct attack; … I had to become universal, to learn to manoeuvre and defend and so on.”

Caruan’s comment about Magnus Carlsen :

“In some positions you can’t compete with him. Certain pawn structures he just plays like a machine. There are certain openings where I say, ‘I just can’t do that.’ But OK, certain positions he’s not as comfortable with. Just like any player, he can also play unconfidently.”

Caruana’s Quote

” You work for a long period of time and the results don’t really show, but at some point everything just comes together and you start to play better, or get more confidence.” ( Fabiano Caruana ).


Caruana’s Stats

Here Caruana’s stats you can see how he became strongest chess player in the world. These stats can help you schedule your chess learning program.

caruana games stats

Caruana’s Rating Stats:

caruana rating



Caruana’s Best Chess Games

Here are some of Caruan’s best chess games. Enjoy and learn from caurana’s best games.

Game Caruana vs Nakamura

Game Caruana vs Short, Nigel

Game Caruana vs Giri

Game Caruana vs Kramnik

Game Caruana vs Carlsen

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