Caro Kann Defense [Theory and Guide]

Theory of Caro Kann Defense

Caro Kann Defense is strategical defense like french defense. Top-rated players which played caro kann are Tigron Petrosian, Karpov, Capabalanca . Caro Kann is the best choice against tactical players because the position in caro kann defense dose not allow any sharp battle it is rather strategical.

What is strategy for white in Caro Kann?

In the main line white meet d5 with Knight on c3 or d2, and next white will capture the pawn with Knight. White should keep d4 pawn with c2-c3.

What is strategy for Black in Caro Kann?

After exchanging one pawn in the center black’s goal is to play c5 to get outpost on e5.

Caro Kann Games

This post is very small but it clears plan for both side, Lets watch the example games in Caro Kann so you can understand this opening.

Flip the board to Blackside.

Here is example game for white’s victory!

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