Botvinnik Chess Games [Top 10 Games]

Here you will get the top 10 Botvinnik Chess Games. Mikhail Botvinnik was a Russian chess player and chess world champion. Botvinnik remained world chess champion from 1948 to 1963.

Here are some of his best chess games according to These 10 Botvinnik chess games will help you to understand deeper chess and you will uncover soviet’s mind on how to beat the world. As you know Soviet chess players dominated chess world.

If you are in short of time, you can watch 5 best games of Mikhail Botvinnik.

In these games, most of the games are for d4 players. Here is the list of openings that used in these games.

Openings used by Botvinnik

  1. Caro Kann exchange variation
  2. Queen’s Gambit Declined
  3. Gruenfeld Defense
  4. The Nimzo Indian (Qb3)
  5. English Opening
  6. French Defense
  7. Gruenfeld Defense (Old Line)
  8. Nimzo Indian (Qc2)
  9. Kings Indian Defense
  10. Ruy Lopez

So these are the openings, If you play these openings then I highly recommend watch Botvinnik chess games. Let’s begin.

Mikhail Botvinnik Best Chess Games, Chess Games of Botvinnik
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Botvinnik Chess Game 1:

In this game, Mikhail Botvinnik played caro kan exchange variation (Caro Kann Guide). And his opponent Spilemann got crushed in the opening. This is a good game of caro kann exchange variation.

Botvinnik Chess Game 2:

In this game, Botvinnik played Queen’s Gambit Declined (Guide for Queen’s Gambit Declined). This is a new or rare variation against queens gambit declined. Botvinnik castled long and destroyed his opponent. Its a good game for d4 players.

Botvinnik Chess Game 3:

This is a game against Gruenfeld Defense (Traps for Gruenfeld Defense). In this game you will learn a golden rule in chess, the rule is that when you have center and domination, don’t exchanges your pieces especially your queen. You will see in the game Botvinnik denied queen exchange offer.

Botvinnik Chess Game 4:

The Nimzo Indian is one of the most solid chess opening against d4. But as you know that every chess opening has its advantage and disadvantage. So Botvinnik found a good treatment for Nimzo Indian defense (Nimzo Indian Traps). This is a good weapon for Nimzo players. Let’s have a look.

Botvinnik Chess Game 5:

English opening is a very good choice against amateurs. Because its less prepared and one who has good strategical thinking will win the game. It often converts in d4 opening. So in this game, you will see that instead of castling Botvinnik played Kf2. It’s a interesting game.  check out also English Opening Traps: ( Flank Opening Traps ).

Botvinnik Chess Game 6:

If you play e4 openings, then this is a way to play against French Defense. French Defense is a very solid opening but its a bit passive. If you are playing white then you must play aggressively against French Defense. This is a game played by Botvinnik against French Defense. (Helpful: French Defense Traps ).

Botvinnik Chess Game 7:

This is one of the oldest lines in gruenfeld. Black gives up his bishop on f3. This line used in the past, White has clear advantage of bishop pair. Let’s see how Botvinnik deals with Gruenfeld.

Botvinnik Chess Game 8:

If you play d4, then you must have prepared against Nimzo Indian Defense, There are six lines against Nimzo Indian, one of them is Qc2. This game shows us how to play against Nimzo Indian with Qc2.

Botvinnik Chess Game 9:

Kings Indian Defense is very sharp and complicated opening just like Sicilian Defense. Here is one of the strongest and sharper line against Kings Indian Defense its called Samisch Variation. Let’s watch this game.

Botvinnik Chess Game 10:

Ruy Lopez is one of the sound and old opening. It is very rich in theory, Lets watch a game and see how Botvinnik handles Ruy Lopez.

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