Bobby Fischer [Opening Guide]

Do you want to play like a Bobby Fischer? Here is Bobby Fischer’s Opening Repertoire. You will see how Fischer played with white pieces and what variations Fischer liked to play and tested as best. 

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Openings Covered in this post:

  • Kings Gambit
  • Ruy Lopez
  • Evans Gambit
  • Petrov’s Defence
  • Alekhine’s Defence
  • Scandinavian Defense
  • French Defense
  • Caro–Kann Defence
  • Sicilian Defense (Accelerated Dragon, Dragon, Najdorf with 6 lines)


Bobby Fischer’s Opening Repertoire (White)

In this post we will analyze his repertoire with white pieces. Fischer was very strong in the opening. He analyzed too much and have deep knowledge of openings. He almost played 1.e4 and he never played 1.d4 in serious game. Lets start with first move 1.e4.

After 1.e4 e5 he played sometime kings gambit, but his main repertoire against 1.e4 e5  was Ruy Lopez. Lets watch 1 game of his kings gambit and later we will come into Ruy Lopez.


Kings Gambit

In Kings gambit after capturing f4 Bobby played Nf3 or Bc4. Lets watch 1 example form Fischer.

Game Fischer vs Evans



Bobby Fischer and Ruy Lopez

I can say that this is opening that bobby Fischer loved it. Bobby Fischer played main line in almost all matches. You will see in all openings, Bobby Fischer was very principled at openings. He never changed too much in his openings except for some matches like one of the match of world championship match with Borris Spassky, Bobby  played 1.C4 and surprised Spassky because he  always played 1.e4 and this was a big surprise for Spassky.

In Ruy lopez Bobby Fischer played exchange variation of Ruy Lopez in some games with score of 86% in Exchange Variation of Ruy Lopez. Lets have a look at some of his exchange variation games in Ruy Lopez.

Bobby Fischer and Ruy Lopez Exchange Variation

We found 11 games of Bobby Fischer in our database with exchange variation of Ruy Lopez. Fischer won 8 games and rest were drawn. Lets watch shortest game of Fischer in exchange variation.

Game Fischer vs Spassky


Now you will know about Fischer’s knowledge and preparation of the openings. Now Lets start with Ruy Lopez.

In his life almost all the time Boby Fischer played main lines and here in Ruy Lopez Fischer also played mian  line. Lets watch one of his games in Ruy Lopez main line.

Game Fischer vs Rinaldo


Bobby Fischer also played 3.Bc4 and if black followed  with Bc5,  Fischer played Evans Gambit. Garry Kasparov also used this gambit in his games. We will see two games with one 3.Bc4 and with one Evans gambit.

Game Fischer vs Snuske


Bobby Fischer and Evans Gambit

Game Fischer vs Boatner



Bobby Fischer and Petrov’s Defence

Fischer played 6 games against Petrov’s defense with the score of 5 1/2 out of 6. He played 3.Nxe5 and 3.d4 with 3.d4  he has scored 100%. Lets watch one game with 3.d4.

Game Fischer vs Schmid



Bobby Fischer and Alekhine’s Defence

Against Alekhine’s Defence fischer played (B01 C4). He was remained unbeatable against Alekhine’s Defence. Lets watch one game of Alekhine and see how Fischer handled this opening.

Game Fischer vs Berline


Bobby Fischer and Scandinavian Defense

If you just develop your pieces on their natural squares you will be OK there is no need to know too much to study against Scandinavian. But we are making repertoire from white so that’s why we will watch one game on Qa5 variation of Scandinavian.

Game Fischer vs Seidman


Bobby Fischer and French Defense

Fischer felt difficulty in playing against french defense and he changed variations in his repertoire against french defense. But mainly he stick to main line and remained principled at openings. Most of the time he played main lines in his repertoire. Lets watch one of his game against french main line.

Game Fischer vs Weinstein

In other variations against french defense he played Kings Indian attack type structure. Lets watch one game.



Bobby Fischer and Caro–Kann Defence

Fischer played unusual setup against caro kann in his repertoire after 1.e4 c6 2.Nc3.  This is the line that Fischer used to play against Caro Kann. The soviet players took advantage of this weak setup and taught Fischer a good lesson on Caro Kann Fischer lost games in this setup and later Fischer switched to Panov Attack. Lets watch first his old repertoire’s game against Caro Kann and later we will watch his game with Panov attack.

Old reportoire with 2.Nc3

Panov attack against Caro Kann



Bobby Fischer and Sicilian Defense

In the Sicilian defense one move that Fischer loved it, its Bc4. Everyone know that Fischer give more value to bishops than knights and now computer also shown that bishop has some superiority than knights. Well lets talk straightly about Sicilian defense. The only move you have to remember against Sicilian is Bc4.  Lets start with dragon. we will only watch one game for main variations in Sicilian defense.

Bobby Fischer and Accelerated Dragon

Against Dragon he played Yougoslav attack.


Bobby Fischer and Najdorf Variation 

Against the Najdorf variation Fischer played 6 moves starting from 6.Bc4 (Fischer’s beloved move), 6.Be2, 6.h3, 6.f4, 6.g3, 6.Bg5 . Lets start with Fischer’s favorite move Bc4. Here are two games with Bc4 both games have different ideas for white.

Now Lets move to 6.Be2 game. Fischer played 4 games with 6.Be2 and scored 3/4. Here is one game below.

6.h3 Fischer Scored 100% in this line. with the score of 4/4.

6.f4 Fischer played 2 games in this line and won both of them. lets watch one of the game.

Fischer also played 6.g3 and 6.Bg5 but he lost in these line, so we are not going to watch these games.

fischer's grave
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In conclusion against Nadrof Fischer’s favourite is Bc4! and in his repertoire, he loved to place his bishop on c4. So this is the first part of the post on Bobby Fischer’s repertoire. In the next part we will discuss how Bobby Fischer defended with black pieces.

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