Bishop Opening Trap [Don’t touch my bishop]

Today we will read one interesting theme about the white bishop, you can also call Fischer’s beloved bishop at c4. This trick to win fast at chess will only work in bishop opening. And if you are an e4 player then this trick may seduce you to play bishop opening. :).

bishop opening

So let’s start with the bishop opening.

The first example game found in the database was played in 1925 with this line we are talking about. 1.e4 e5 2.bc4 Nc6 3.d3 Na5.

In this position, black wants to capture white’s strong bishop but it’s not an easy task. You have to pay the price because it’s a clear violation of the basics of chess openings. Let’s see whats happen after black tried.

Let’s watch the game.

Bishop Opening Trap 1


Did you enjoy the game? Let’s watch other games.

Bishop Opening Trap 2


Bishop Opening Trap 3

Bishop Opening Trap 4

Bishop Opening Trap 5

Bishop Opening Trap 6

This is a long game, you can leave this game but I will post it for a reason that at least you will learn in the game that how to play with a rook against two pieces. Thank you!



So I hope that you learned sth interested today in chess. And please try at least in a blitz game so you can check whether you can play like this or not. Have fun today!.

  • Benhadi Aziz Madani
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    Beau travail instructif !

    • admin
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      Thanks 🙂

  • alberto
    24/01/2020 at 5:54 pm

    gracias por estos videos tan interesantes

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