How to use bishop pair in chess

How many chess games you won with bishop pair? if your answer is not enough, then you must learn how to use bishop pair in chess. This is one of the deadly weapon for winning a chess game. In this post, you will learn how to play a chess game with the bishop pair.

bishop pair chess
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Let’s start.

The simple idea is that Bishop needs open diagonals. You may watch a game of top grandmasters where they sacrifice a pawn or two pawns for opening bishop’s position. If you have bishop pair then you must open your bishops because it controls long diagonal and sometimes you can checkmate your opponent in the opening if you appointed both your bishops to the enemy king.

One of the other main advantages of the bishop pair is that it has great support for the passed pawn. You may use this idea in your next game. Create a passed pawn supported by your bishop.

Here is a game where you will see how a  player used bishop pair against bishop and knight. Let’s watch the game.

Bishop pair game: 1

In this game, you will see how white saved his bishop pair, and how white opened position and how converted one advantage into another advantage.



Bishop pair game 2:

Here is one another example against Nimzo Indian Defense where black gives up a bishop for knight. In this example, you will see how white took advantage of two bishops and in the end white converted one advantage into another advantage. Please remember this that having two bishops will not give you the direct victory you have to see and convert your bishop pair advantages into some other advantages. Let’s watch a game.



Two Bishops vs Two Knights

Here is one example to clarify the advantages of the bishop pair. In this game, you will see how Capablanca saved his bishop and then opened position. Let’s watch the game.




Let’s summarize what we learned from this article. When we have bishop pair we should open the position. And we should convert one advantage into another advantage from bishop pair. That means sometimes we have to exchange our one of the bishop for some advantages into another advantage.


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