Bird’s Opening [Chess Games+Opening Guide]

Bird’s opening starts with 1.f4. The idea of starting the move from flank means white is eyeing on e5 square. 

From the white side, there are some strong players who played this opening, like Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, MVL, Nepomniatchtchi.

Other notable players who played this opening are Artur Jackubiec who played 82 games, Henrik Danielsen also played 73 games. If you want to play this opening you must study these players which I mentioned above.

Magnus Carlsen is Playing Bird’s Opening

The current world champion Magnus Carlsen has the best score because he played 4 games and scored 4/4.

So let’s watch his games in Bird’s opening and see how he handles.

Game Carlsen vs Kramnik

Game Carlsen vs Adams

Nakamura is playing Bird’s Opening

Hikaru Nakamura played 10 games in Bird’s opening and he scores 6.5 out 10.

So let’s see one of his games in bird opening.

Game Nakamura vs Kryvoruchko

after exchanging all pieces and playing kf2 will win by force because the king alone can not stop 3 pawns.

Notable Players in Bird’s Opening

These notable players in the bird’s opening have more experience than top players. So you will get more ideas from these player and you must study their games because they have spent more time then top players.

Let’s start with Artur Jackubiec.

Artur Jackubiec is playing Bird’s Opening

artur's profile
Photo Credit: Tomasz Tokarski,  Poland [Public domain]

Artur Jackubiec is a polish grandmaster. he played 82 games in bird’s opening and scored 51.2/82. So plays this opening often and more experience than top players so we might get some novelties or ideas from his games.

Game Jakubiec vs Moiseenko

He is beating 2600+ player which is 100+ higher than his rating.

Game Jakubiec vs Rozentalis

Henrik Danielsen is playing Bird’s Opening

Henrik Danielsen
Photo Credit: Chess-Db .com


Henrik Danielsen is a danish Icelandic grandmaster, who played 73 games and scored 44/73.

Game Danielsen vs Hansen

Game Danielsen vs Levin


So let’s conclude the Bird’s Opening. The main goal in Bird’s opening is to control e5 square. If you study these games you will get more ideas and more patterns.

I am sure that after watching these games you will improve your chess understanding. have a good day!

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