Benoni Defense

Benoni Defense



White’s plans in Benoni Defense

In Benoni white has extra pawn in the center. White can attack (d6) or white can push (e4-e5) which can be supported by first moving the f-pawn to f4. white needs to play (a2-a4) in order to stop black’s queen side majority.
Best plan against benko gambit is to declined the gambit and focus on development. Please remember that white must be active in all conditions.

Black’s plans in Benoni Defense

Black must put pressure on e4 and must stop e5 push by white. Black must push his queen side because he has majority there like (b5,c5) in order to get space on queen side.

The Benko involves pressure from afar with the rooks and dark squared bishop bearing down on the white queen side pawns. Black often tries(Qd8-a5 )or (Qd8-b6 )as well as employing manoeuvres such as (Ne8-c7-b5 ) to push the queen side.

Benoni games

Flip the board to black side!

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