WGM Maryana

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International women Grandmaster and National Master. Bronze medals in Ukraine championships - U20 and rapid among women. Current national Ukrainian rating is 2283.

Master's degree in English language, of University, foreign languages faculty. I speak Ukrainian, Russian, English, Spanish and Catalan languages.

Coming from Ukrainian resort city of Morshyn, Lvov region.

Professional chess coach, and now also a streamer, blogger and vlogger.

If you are interested in chess lessons - I can help you!

Pawns: Endgame

When it comes to endgames, Avengers is not the only endgame that matters. There are endgames in chess whose complexity
Power of a Single Pawn

Power of a Single Pawn

  Endgames have been a fascinating area of study for a long time now. Today we deliberate on one of
Pawning to Victory

Pawning to Victory

Pawns have come a long way since the development of the game of chess. For all purposes, we may consider