Alireza Firouzja [Fantastic Star with Controversial Game]

Alireza Firouzja is a chess prodigy from Iran and the 2nd youngest chess player to reach 2700 rating after Wei Yi (The Chinese Chess Prodigy).

Short Introduction of Alireza Firouzja

He was born in 2003. Alireza started playing chess at age 8. In 2019, Alireza and his family left for France and announced not to play under the Iranian Flag anymore.

Alireza won the gold medal in the U12 category at Asian Youth Chess Championships in 2015.

In 2016, he was awarded the title of IM (International Master) by FIDE (International Chess Federation).

Alireza was awarded the GM (Grand Master) title by FIDE in April 2018.

Alireza Firouzja Chess Games

He has played against elite chess players in the world. And you know the fact if you play a higher rated chess player then your chess game will improve. 

As we know that he is the 2nd youngest chess player to achieve 2700 chess ratings.

And we should observe his chess games and recognize what he is playing and how is he winning against strong chess players. 

First, let’s take a look at his game against current chess champion Magnus Carlsen (Magnus Carlsen’s Attacking Chess Games Ever ).

Alireza Firouzja vs Magnus Carlsen

He was unable to win against the world champion. As you know the fact that it’s not easy to win against the world champion, who is much higher rated than you. Anyway, Let’s enjoy his games with Magnus Carlsen.

Game 1: Alireza Firouzja vs Magnus Carlsen

Alireza resigned from this game because his bishop is hanging on d6. And Magnus Carlsen will capture his bishop on d6.

Controversial chess game against Magnus Carlsen

In this game at the endgame phase, black has a black bishop and no pawns and on the other hand, white has got 3 pawns and white square bishop.

The result was 0-1, and Alireza was very disappointed with the result. Let’s watch a game first then we will talk about the rules.

Game 2: Firouzja vs Carlsen


Alireza vs Carlsen

In the above position, white ran out of time and Arbiter gave black a win.

Alireza was shocked that black doesn’t have mating material and why victory was given to him.

And the same thinking was going on all the chess players in the world were also shocked until the chief arbiter came and described the rule which is mentioned in the Fide’s handbook.

Here is a possible solution is given in the video of ChessBase India’s youtube channel. Here is a picture of a possible mate.

Alireza vs Magnus carlsen controversial game

So for example, if white creates a knight then black can checkmate in this position.

After the game, Alireza Firouzja asked arbiter to show the rule and he also appealed to the committee but now you know the rule and the result was known so that’s why his appeal was rejected.

Alireza Firouzja Chess Games with other strong players

Game Firouzja vs Aronian


Game Firouzja vs Wei


Alireza’s annotated chess game


His controversial game gave him good fame, and he is a very energetic chess player. His age might give him an advantage for the upcoming years. We do not predict that he will become a chess champion but what we can predict that he will become a very strong chess player.

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