Alekhine vs Yates [Game of the day]

This is a masterpiece from Alekhine. This game shows many strong ideas that we can put in our chess game. Let’s explore a great chess game of the day by Alekhine.

Game of the Day

Alekhine game chess game

In the opening, we should strict to basics of opening or theory and you should not try to find combinations in the opening.

  • You should collect small advantages, like open files.
  • You should watch out for holes in enemy’s camp.
  • You should exploit open files.
  • You should place the king in the middle in the endgame.
  • You should place your monster rooks in 7th rank.

So these are the points you should think while watching this game. And you should watch F5 move which created a hole and then 2nd whole and see how great Alekhine exploited weakness step by step. Let’s watch the game.


Game Alekhine vs Yates

Please remember all those points which are mentioned above. Then you can enjoy and learn a lot of things from this game.


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