Alekhine Defense (Plans and Ideas)

Alekhine Defense Plans and Ideas

Its surprising move to e4 players when you play alekhine defense. Alekhine defense has a very unique idea that move the piece in the opening instead of moving pawns.

What is White’s Strategy in Alekhine Defense?

White has two strategies, 1: White wants to take full control of centre by playing (the Four Pawns Attack) and in four pawn attack white should push d4 timely if he wants to get any advantage. 2nd strategy is that after playing e5 and d4 play with nf3 and just develop your pieces normally you will have an advantage but it’s up to you that whether you convert your advantage into a win or not.

What is Black’s Strategy in  Alekhine Defense?

Black should keep in his mind that in alekhine defense when white advances his pawns he gets space advantage, so black should attack immediately to white’s pawn centre or black will crush in the opening. White may sacrifice a piece in four pawn attack.

In the Four Pawns Attack, Black should attack the d4-pawn with c5. or with pieces, and don’t forget that you can also attack with f7-f6 in order to destroy white’s pawn centre.

Games in Alekhine Defense

Flip the board to blackside.

White’s win ( Please remember d5 push)

Famous game of Nigel Short with white pieces.

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