Albin Counter Gambit Trap [Lasker Trap]

Here you will find Albin Counter Gambit Trap and another name for this trap is Lasker Trap. This is a sharp gambit against d4. So if you want to play a sharp game against d4 players then you should use this sound gambit.

Let’s first clear what is a gambit in chess? gambit means you give up a pawn or two in return for quick development of your pieces.

In Albin counter gambit, black sacrifice pawn in the opening and as I mentioned above,  in return, black gets quick development of pieces. Now it’s up to you whether you convert your quick development advantage into a win or not.

This is the stage where grandmasters are much better than other players, if you give time to grandmaster then I can guarantee that he will crush you in the opening. Because they have more knowledge about openings, middle game, and endgame. So you must know how to get development’s advantage.

Here is one interesting article on Advantage of Development, If you don’t know about this topic then this link will help you to learn about development:⇒

Here is a trap that begins when white plays e3 against Albin Counter Gambit.

Albin Counter Gambit Trap

Note: Flip the board to the black side.

Another Example in Albin Counter Gambit

 Please flip the board to the black side.


So I hope that you learned this trap, and you know what to do when you face this situation. And if you play this gambit you can use the idea mentioned in this trap in your own games.

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