Akiba Rubinstein vs Carl Schlechter [Game of the day]

Akiba Rubinstein is a great chess player. Today we will look one of his masterpiece. In today’s game of chess, you have to watch out move 13 Bb5.

Rubinstein outplayed his opponent step by step. And this is a thing that we should learn in these games.

In the game Rubinstein did not fight for advantages in the opening but he used his development advantage in the endgame. This game is very instructive for those players who want to avoid opening theory.

Let’s watch out this game and we should learn sth from this game.

Game:  Akiba Rubinstein vs Carl Schlechter

Please pause at move 13 Bb5 and think about yourself that can you play this type of move in your games? and what is the reason behind this move?

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