How to Exploit advantage in development

This is one of the main factor for winning chess. We have thousands of games where one player has development advantage and converted into wining. The first thing you should look at when you have advantage of development is The King. So you may have to sacrifice pieces in order to checkmate your opponent’s king. But you can only start king hunt when you have huge development advantage. Here are some of games where one player uses his development advantage to attack or creating weakness on opponent’s camp. lets watch these games.

In this game white created weakness at e6 in his opponent’s camp and later exploited.

Game S.Williams vs T.Woodward

Game R.Fischer vs I.Jovanovac

Game A.Beliavsky vs B.Larsen

Game K.Mah vs B.Vuckovic

So in conclusion when you have advantage in development you must attack the king or create a weakness in your opponent’s camp.

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