How to get an advantage in chess? [Helping Guide]

How to get an advantage in chess? You might hear of two strong player’s discussion on the position which seems equal in material for example 3 pawns each and they agreed on, oh white has an advantage!

What’s going on there? that’s the difference between a weak player and a strong player. The strong player knows how to get an advantage in all positions.

So Today we will discuss some points, and after reading these points, you will know how to get an advantage in chess? and what to do after having a such an advantage in chess.

Firstly you have to understand there are two types of advantages, one is short term advantage and 2nd is long term advantage.

In short term advantage, you have to take quick actions for example if your opponent has only one move to castle and you have a lead in development so you must take aggressive options like sacrificing a piece or pawn in order to stop castling.

In long term advantage, you may have to sacrifice a pawn in order to create an outpost.

More details of outpost: (Link)⇒  how to create outpost in chess?

Example Game for Outpost: (Link)⇒ Example game of outpost

You must look for an advantage in chess

Above we mention two kinds of advantages in chess, now let’s focus on long term advantages because if your opponent castles safely then all your short term advantage will vanish.

There are some things you have to look for in long term advantages.

  1. Material
  2. Mobility of Pieces
  3. Pawn Structure
  4. King safety

Material: the very first thing you should look in your game is material. If you can find a way to win material like a pawn or traping a piece or wining exchange then you will have enough winning advantage. Please remember this that wining a pawn is sufficient winning advantage.

Mobility of Pieces: You must activate all your pieces to maximize your activity. For example, the knight on h3 will be bad piece because it limits its activity and the knight on f3 will be the best square in the opening. and if you can place the knight in the center of the board it will dominate more squares. So you have to place your pieces to the best square and maximize them.

[ Helpful Link:⇒ How to Exploit advantage in development ]

Pawn Structure: Pawn structure is very important for all chess players, professional players know very well and Amateur must learn pawn structures. If you know some structure then middlegame will be much easier and you will know what to do in middlegame rather than thinking best move in the position.

King Safety: King is the only piece that you have to protect in your whole game :). So there is not much theory on king safety. You know how important your king is. There are two guidelines for the king.

If you have castled king then you should not move your king’s pawn I mean pawns in the front of the king. 2nd advice is you must look at the weakest squares near the king and its f2 and f7. If you can attack these two squares in the opening then you can claim victories. Here is helping link of these two weak squares (Link) ⇒ Weak squares in chess [attacks on f7].


So I hope I delivered my best on the topic. And please read it again if you miss sth because this topic is very important especially for the club level player. for the conclusion here is one hot article you may look:(Link) ⇒ You must Punish Pawn-grabbers !


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